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Why Do You Want to Become a Holistic Leader?

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Have you ever asked that question before?

It helps a lot to learn something about yourself. It’s essential if you want to reveal the true forces which drive you into a certain direction in your life. Identifying those forces and realizing them consciously allows you to do something really amazing. It allows you to use them in order to unleash a tremendous amount of energy in your mind.

This amazing and driving energy is coming up from you subconscious mind. It is enormously important to support your process of compilation to a holistic leader because you will definitely need it to cope with the hard work that’s coming up to you during this process. I know it’s not very popular to tell people this but it is simply the truth.

This blog is created for persons who want to work hard on themselves to initialize this compilation process. It’s the same thing with stopping smoking or losing weight you know.

Every time a huge person meets a very slim one, the huge person thinks that being as slim as the other person is due to fortune or something that’s just in its genes. Neither nor. In most cases it’s just hard work combined with great self-discipline. But I don’t want to shock you.

It’s just that hard work at the beginning of the process. It will get easier and easier while working on your personality and your methods. Your subconscious mind will support you. Once it got the right impulses you don’t have to work so hard with your conscious mind any more.

And you know what … it will be child’s play for you afterwards to do and to accomplish all the things that persons you’re adoring actually seem to perform in a very easy way. This blog will tell you how, presenting the corresponding tools.

So let’s try to identify these forces that are concealed in your subconscious mind.

It won’t take more than 10 minutes max. Just take a white sheet of paper and write down 10 things that come up into your mind by reflecting to the following question:

Why Do You Want To Become A Holistic Leader?

But please mention three conditions while doing that: Be honest to yourself, be honest to yourself and be honest to yourself. Please hold nothing back even if you are having negative feelings about something you’ve written down. Especially then. Write it all down.

And please do it right now!

Finished? What experiences have you made while writing down something?

Was it easy or rather difficult? Did you write something down that seemed strange or maybe frightening to you? Have you been able to find more than 10 things?

I guess it was hard for you to find even 5 things, wasn’t it? I heard of some guys who were not able to write down even one single answer.

But why is it so hard for some people to find reasons for their personal ambition to become a holistic leader? What if I had asked you to write down 10 things that make you happy in your life?

Would answering to that question have been as difficult as answering to the question above?

I assume this is not the case. And I can tell you why.

The most common reasons for people to become holistic leaders have something to do with power, appreciation, acceptation, money, status symbols etc.

Most humans tend to appraise these terms negatively because they seem to be traits of selfish and egoistic people. I never understood this common attitude. It makes no difference whether you look at these things as naturalist or as person who has strong belief in our world as creation of a higher consciousness.

In each case humans are really special creatures that want to satisfy certain lacks. You will find many different lacks in the minds of human beings.

In my opinion they’re all due to a lack of love. This may sound esoterically but it’s the truth and more than this it’s just normal. Everybody feels like this. Humans are probably the only creatures that are aware of themselves. That means they’re also aware of their finiteness and of their assumed exceptional position in the universe.

This awareness leads to a feeling of loneliness and different lacks that are all due to the lack of love. In classic literature this feeling is often called “feeling of fugacity”. These feelings and lacks are deeply hidden in your subconscious mind.

Sometimes in your life they come up into your consciousness.

But you can’t realize them as your inner cravings. They are always masked as various wishes. What you want to achieve in your life depends strongly on your personal ideas about how to satisfy your wishes the best way. In case of holistic leadership most people I know want so satisfy the lacks mentioned above.

That’s okay and they don’t have to feel ashamed about that. Far from this! They should be very glad being aware of the real forces that can drive them to maximum performance in their lives. Forces that help them to grow and to develop.

The negative associations people have in this context are most likely due to the way humans try to satisfy these wishes regarding to other humans. You all know the clichés of managers who realize their managerial targets just by exploiting their personal staff in order to present the results as their own work.

Lots of such ideas have caused the bad feelings you have when reading something about satisfying the wish of appreciation.
Therefore you must take to heart the following basic principle of holistic leadership:

The people you want to lead in order to satisfy your basis subconscious cravings must be the source of this satisfaction.
It’s the same principle that rules the capitalism of our modern society.

Your benefit (earnings) is the benefit (satisfaction of needs) of your partners (customers).

That’s all. If you want to build up a big business you must meet the needs of your customers.

If you want to become a great holistic leader you must meet the needs of your followers.

Especially many young managers don’t follow this rule. Their boss and his opinion is the only source of their satisfaction. But this doesn’t work for a long time. They will get big problems after a certain time.

A good boss will receive the right signals and react. It’s like satisfying your thirst with pure alcohol. It may work for a certain time but not longer because alcohol is not the right source in order to satisfy this need.

When you internalize this basic rule of good holistic leadership and use this awareness, then every improvement you make is coincidental an improvement for the people who are following you.

So please use it from now on. Don’t hesitate to acknowledge the points of your list in front of this new background. Accept them honestly and use them for the development of your people as well as the development of you own personality.

Learn to love your cravings knowing they help others to partake in something amazing. Love heals.

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