How to Create Effective Images in Your Mind

How to Create Effective Images in Your Mind

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means to create thoughts in your head.

Creating these thoughts is due to a certain target. It is due to your personal cravings and your urgent need to satisfy them.

The images created in your conscious mind do exactly that.

They satisfy your needs.

This statement is very often misunderstood. They do not represent something that will happen in your future. They represent something that happens right now in your consciousness and subjective reality. Thoughts don’t belong to our space-time continuum.

Otherwise you would have to be able to assign three coordinates in space and one coordinate in time to your specific thought. Are you able to do that? I assume this is not the case.

They belong to a consciousness that exits behind our perceptible world.
This consciousness doesn’t need terms like space and time. It only needs information like thoughts and emotions combined with the assurance that these thoughts and emotions are really true.

And you simply won’t get that assurance if you believe something will happen in the future. You must be as sure of your thoughts and their impacts as being sure of your sensual perceiptions in this moment.

For that you visualize something. You create an image in your head of a situation that may occur in the future of our space-time but that already exists in the consciousness of the universe.

Being aware of this context you are able to develop a great assurance. The power of the universe will do the rest.

You can’t enforce that process of realization. This is due to the function of the universal consciousness. It only receives information from your subconscious mind. That’s the difficulty. You can’t force your subconscious mind to accept your images. It will accept them as soon as it feels they’re true.

From that moment on your cravings will be satisfied. You don’t feel the need any longer. You can let your specific image go. Something greater will take care of it from that moment on.

Your subconscious mind is part of the universal consciousness (the energy you’re feeling when you stop thinking.
Everything your subconscious mind considers to be true is also true for the universal consciousness.

Why? Because it’s the same consciousness!

Assurance is something that happens between your consciousness and your subconscious mind. You start with images, emotions and several repititions consciously.

Your succes afterwards depends on how detailed and intensive your images and emotions have been. It also depends on how often you have repeated this process. But then after a certain time your subconscious mind will accept your image. It becomes truth and your need is satisfied. You feel something like peace coming up to you. Your subconscious mind only knows truth. It doesn’t doubt anything.

It just needs time to accept something but it never doubts anything.
So be careful what images you are going to send to it!

Find out what your cravings are and identify images that satisfy them right now.

Visualize an image that causes a great joy inside of you. Imagine a situation that touches you emotionally and excites you. Find more and more details and embellish your image with these details. Repeat this every day or, better than this, several times a day.

Feel that your image has a reality. Have trust in the fact that it may take a little time to realize it in our space-time but it takes no time to realize it in your subjective reality right now.

Raise the claim to partake in the abundance of the universe.

Work on your assurance consciously until it becomes subconscious truth that manifests in space-time afterwards.

Please mention two very important requirements in this context:

1.) The universal consciousness won’t work against itself. It always strives to bring welfare to all humans according to its nature as being the same consciousness of all humans.

2.) The universal consciousness always strives to produce something good

Please take care of these requirements while creating your images. We are all expression of the great universal consciousness. So let’s create a reality that supports us all with joy and abundance according to our hidden universal connection.

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