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How to Stop Your Flow of Thoughts

Posted By haukeborow On December 3, 2009 @ 17:23 In Subconscious Mind | No Comments

There are two really simple ways how to stop your thoughts effectively.

The first one is a kind of meditation and the other one a kind of self-hypnosis.
Both methods sound more complicated and challenging than they really are.
I’ve tried out a lot of different ways to calm my mind but the methods mentioned above have three great advantages:

1.) They’re easy to learn
2.) They attain a great benefit without taking too much time
3.) They are extremely effective

So let’s have a look at the first one. I don’t know whether this method has a certain name so I just call it an exercise for conscious breathing.

In this exercise you sit down at a place where you cannot be disturbed.
Most suitbale would be a place with little light and nearly no noise.

It is important to avoid any sensual perceiptions in order to focus entirely on your breath and nothing else. Reserve round about 25 minutes for that exercise.

Okay, once you’ve found such a place, please close your eyes and relax.
This means to relax every single muscle your body has. For that it is very helpful to imagine your whole body and to relax your muscles from the top to the bottom.

So you start with your head.

Can you feel your forehead?

Most people tense up their forehead without any reason. It’s just a habit of them. It costs a lot of energy to tense it. So just relax it and notice how liberating this feels.

This is the way you pay attention to every single muscle of your body from the head down to your feet in order to relax it afterwards. Relaxing your feet feels extremely pleasant….

After some time you will notice a pleasant feeling in your whole body. Perhaps you recognize something like warmth in all parts of your body.

That would be great!

Now we come to a decisive step: stay in that pleasant-feeling state and just think of nothing.

You heard right. It is possible to think of nothing. It’s difficult to do that but it is possible. This difficulty is caused by our habits. It’s just normal for us to think all day long. Thinking is acknowledged as something that makes us wiser. This is an attitude you can find in the whole occident.

People who live in the orient e.g. have deviant convictions about that. In their opinion you become wiser by meditating and cleaning your mind from your thoughts.

So please think of nothing and forget even your breath. Your breath was just a tool to get away from your thoughts. You don’t need it any longer from this point on. As soon as a thought comes up to your mind, you just push it aside without paying any attention to it.

When you think of nothing you come into contact with your real “I am”. Did you know that the word god is due to the original aramaic version of the hebrew term jahwe? In its first context this word meant something like “I am” or “he is”.

It has been the expression for being.

And that is what you do while thinking of nothing. You are.

While doing this exercise you will probably notice something that may seem very strange to you: you are nothing more than pure energy and consciousness. Nothing else. You’re not your body. You’re not your thoughts. You’re not your emotions. All these things can be observed by your real

“I am”.

But everything that can be observed is object and not subject. There’s just one subject and we all are part of it. It’s the universal consciousness that exists in every living creature and in the whole material of the universe.

It’s the potential energy that is able to create forms like thoughts and incidents.

So now let’s talk about the second way to calm your mind.
Find a place like mentioned above and sit down. Don’t close your eyes, just relax.

Now look for a point in your room that will be the focus of your concentration for the next 25 minutes. Look at this point and do not be distracted from anything. Just look at it and think of nothing. After a few minutes you will notice that this trivial point is really beautiful. It has a beauty that you have never been aware of in the past. But go on concentrating.

Your beam of perceiption is going to get closer and closer until you perceive nothing else than this point you chose. All the other things around this point appear in warm, funny colours before they disappear in the end.

You will feel it when your head is empty of all the thoughts you’re thinking all day long. In that moment you must close your eyes and continue thinking of nothing.

In both methods it is essential not to fall asleep while thinking of nothing. Of course you can use them in order to fall easier asleep in the evening.

But don’t do it if you want to visualize something afterwards or if you just want to refresh your mind for the rest of your day.

Falling asleep would be counterproductive in this case.

And please don’t try to come back abruptly at the end of both methods. Try to “wake up” slowly.

Both methods can be a little difficult at the beginning. But don’t give up. Reserve a little amount of your precious space time in order to practice it. You’re going to become a
well-balanced, calm, happy and unbounded person after some sessions.

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