How to Use Your Subconscious Mind

How to Use Your Subconscious Mind

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Our subconscious mind is the most powerful force in this universe.

90% of our mental processes work subconsciously and have decisive impact on our subjective reality. The other 10% are part of our consciousness and attend our daily grind by dealing with things like terms, sensual perceiptions and other conscious information.

Since the moment humans appeared on this planet they have been very inqusitive creatures. They used various ways to find out something about the world we all live in.

You can paraphrase these ways with the terms science, art and religion.

In this context science can be divided up into the natural sciences and the humanities. Since the scientific revolution began in the 17. century with folks like Galileo Galilei, humans acknowledge sciences as the most effective and promising way to learn something about our world.

For me it seems quite strange that humanity always tried to improve its ability to use 10% of their mental capacity in place of trying to get access to the other 90%.

But let’s have a look at how science, art and religion work.


Science abstracts from the particular to the general in order to build terms. Scientists try to come to conclusions by combining these terms using tools like propositional logic e.g. according to the function of our rational intelligence.


Art means catching impressions that come up from our subconscious mind
and to express them in a certain form. You can’t enforce these impressions.
Either they come up to you or not. The only thing you can do is to arrange the circumstances as optimal as possible.
This sensitivity for such impressions is called creativity.


A religious human has trust in a specific faith that has been conveyed to him from the past. The different religions tell us something about forces or powers that lead us human beings. They are almighty and able to create and to obtain worlds like ours.

Religious people never doubt the content of their religious belief. That’s very essential. Belief in this context doesn’t mean something like:”I don’t know really so I believe…” It rather means a very strong assurance that can be compared with knowledge. They don’t think that they are leaded.

They know it.

Art and religion definitely use the subconscious potential of human beings.
An artist receives information from his subconscious mind, a religious human receives and sends information when he prays for example. The success strongly depends on the intensity of his faith.

I love to read in the holy scriptures. I believe that all of them are completely true and contain everything humans must know to experience our world and to understand the deeply hidden secrets behind it.

You just have to beware of reading and interpreting the words literally.
You must abstract from the figurative and anthropomorphic images that are drawn in the bible e.g. like researchers do in exegesis.

You always have to mention the context, the literary form, the world view and the specific language and circumstances in the written texts.

I’ve tried to abstract as far as possible in order to get a world view where all religions can partake in the truth. Simultaneously this view should meet the actual knowledge of scientific research as well. I could achieve this for my personal view of the world by finding the insight that our world is full of potential energy and consciousness.

Everything is energy and consciousness. Your thoughts are energy. The whole universe has been formed by this energy. Albert Einstein has put this finding into an equation in which mass and energy are equivalents. I guess you know which equation I mean…

It’s really important to know and to understand that there is just one energy and one consciousness that we all are part of. You are aware of the same consciousness in your head as I am in my head.

But how can we get access to that energy?

You can get access to that energy by using your subconscious mind. You just have to follow the 5 steps below-mentioned.

I told you in my last article that thoughts have the same reality like things of our so-called objective, physical reality.

But what we all do most of our lifetime is living passively by looking at the flow of our thoughts, receiving various information and feeling the corresponding emotions affected in us.

So we drift from one emotional state into the other feeling committed to our destiny.

1. Stop your internal flow of thoughts

We just have to stop that at first. Therefore we must stop our internal flow of thoughts by calming our mind. Suddenly you will notice that there’s nothing left than presence.

No ideas about the future or the past. No sorrows, no pain, no agony … just presence. All these things just exist in your mind that means in your subjective reality.

From the moment on you get quiet there will be nothing left that presence.
A very liberating feeling. Many people don’t even know that time and space are just ideas of your consciousness. They have no existence anywhere. Just in your mind.

This is the basic state of consciousness that is a requirement
for all your further steps.

2. Visualize your wishes

Visualization is the opposite of what we’re doing nearly all the time. We are not committed to reality’s flow of information by drifting from one emotional state into the other. We don’t have to be passive. We can act. Visualization is the key.

You can visualize everything you want. Nothing is impossible. Once your subconsciousness has received the information it will do everything to realize your wish. Why? Because it is part of a greater consciousness. It is part of the almighty energy that formed our universe and
still obtains it.

You just have to use it.

Therefore you must give your wish a reality. Make it real in your subjective reality. Don’t think your mental image is going to happen somewhere.

It happens now.

Remember: Future and past are just ideas of your consciousness. They don’t exist.
Everything that exists is your actual, present subjective reality. And you can form this reality by visualizing your dreams. Visualize them in detail. The more details you have in mind the more energy can be unleashed. The more you concentrate, the more you succeed.

The more you pay attention to your wish, the more you become creator of your reality. Please take as much time as it needs to see this image of your wish very clearly right in front of you.

3. Boost your visualization with emotions

No wish becomes reality without joy and happiness. It’s an amazing feeling while looking at you mental image. Feel joy and happiness while looking at you new house or your new fancy car. Don’t be scared that you could be disappointed. You will be disappointed if you’re scared to be disappointed. You will fail if you’re thinking that you might fail.

Remember: we don’t talk about things of the future. We talk about your subjective reality right now. Not the time is the new dimension. Your consciousness is the new dimension that has to be formed right now in order to act, to create, to form …

4. Get assurance

Cancel the word “doubt” out of your vocabulary. Doubt is your enemy. Doubt is the devil. The big fight between the forces of the dark and the forces of the light must have been a fight between doubt and belief. You can realize everything that you are sure of. That’s the power of religious faith.

A religious person doesn’t ask, doubt or quarrel. A religious person believes. The results of a prayer depend on the intensity of this belief. According to that we’re all religious people even if we don’t have any religion.

But we know about the law of attraction. Every information that your subconscious mind considers to be true manifests afterwards in your reality.

Have trust in this law and banish any doubt out of your mind.

5. Repeat this whenever you can

Repeat this procedure as often as you can. It must become your new hobby. From now on you live in a reality that you have created on your own.

A reality of joy and happiness. Nothing has to wait until something happens in the future. Everything happens right now. There is no future, there is no past. Trust me.

Forget about your doubts and forget about restrictions that are due to you convictions and doctrines. Everything is possible because thoughts have a reality in your consciousness. But it needs this repetition in order to provide your subconscious mind with your ideas and images. It takes a certain time until it accepts the content of your consciousness. How long it takes depends on:

  • your detailed visualization,
  • the intensity of your emotions,
  • your assurance and
  • your discipline in repeating it every day

You will have to cultivate this new perspective and nothing will be impossible for you.

But don’t be selfish and don’t try to endamage someone. Remember that we’re all the same energy and the same consciousness. When you hurt someone, you just hurt yourself.
The more you give the more you’ll receive.

To give is more blessed than to take.

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