How To Find Your Perfect Leadership Style (1)

How To Find Your Perfect Leadership Style (1)

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What is your leadership style?

Have you ever invested a deeper thought in this question?

Perhaps you have learned something about your leadership style in seminars, trainings etc.
But theory is just one side of the coin. Praxis is the other on

“So what is your leadership style, Hauke? Mhmm … I think I’m pretty open-minded.¬†I always try to motivate my staff for challenging tasks. What else? Well, I feel that I belong to my team.¬†Therefore I try to give everyone in my team the feeling that I really stand behind him and that he can count on me. What else? Pfff …. difficult … ”

Not just difficult. Somehow boring and stereotypical.

Can I really describe my own leadership style? And by the way, if I could, how do I know that I’m using the right one?

As a new young manager, I was faced with so many new, exciting and absolutely challenging tasks.
Which means, in the beginning, I have tried in the first place to gain an overview of the all the issues coming up to me. Simultaneously, I was continuously faced with the real leadership issues by my employees themselves.

Very often the issues were so banal that I could not really identify them as leadership issues, sometimes they were so complex and profound that I have not even noticed them.
At least not consciously. I’ve just tried my very best to find my way through the daily leadership grind and not to appear as a complete idiot.

Then, this question recently appeared to me in a book again:

“What is your leadership style?”

Let us be honest. No one is born as perfect leader.

We all have to learn somehow how to deal with human beings. You can visit as many seminars and you can read as many books as you want. My experience is that in the end we implement the strategies with whom we have had the most success in our life concerning the communication with other people. At least, that we believed we had the most success with.
The roots of these strategies are very often laid in our childhood. Either by copying patterns of education or by turning them into the total opposite if we had some aversion against them in the past.

These strategies are continuously expanded and mostly unconsciously changed and adapted during our life.
Most people experience this as a very long and sometimes quite painful learning process.

Finally, a mixture of education, beliefs, opinions, preferences and trained behavior essentially determines what we call our leadership style.
It represents our entire personality.

This is the reason why there are so many different leadership styles as individuals living on this planet.
Nevertheless, the answer to this question has brought me a huge inspiration.

Something in me said, “What the hell have you waited for so long? Why didn’t you ask this question much earlier?
The answer will bring you this immensely satisfying insight why you’re doing what you’re doing, since it will reveal an immediate, subjective truth to you. There’s just one problem. Unfortunately you can’t FIND it anywhere. You have to INVENT the answer.”

Now, what does that mean again? Does that mean I have to invent my own leadership style?

How should that work?

I could tell you a lot about things like goals, value systems, etc. in this moment. Very useful and helpful to develop your personal leadership style.

But there’s a much faster and more effective way to develop your perfect personal leadership style. And you know what?
This way even works without any painful learning processes…

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