How To Clear Your Mind Within A Few Seconds

How To Clear Your Mind Within A Few Seconds

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Learn how to clear your mind within seconds

Do you know these moments when there are so many thoughts in your head because there are many tasks that have to be done. These moments connected with bad feelings and a kind of confusion so that you aren’t able to get even one clear thought?

I guess the fact that you’re here means you know these moments very well.

And you know what ? I know them too. I guess many people, especially those who work a lot with their brain throughout the day, have to fight with themselves during such moments.

I suppose all of them feel really bad when this pressure deep within their breast occurs. Perhaps the day started with a few tasks that should already have been executed the day before. Perhaps there were lots of things that just didn’t work today and must be fixed now in some way. Perhaps you had a precise goal for the current day, a wish or a desire for something and things just haven’t turned out the way you want them to.

It really doesn’t matter what the reasons for your situation are. The only thing that matters is the state of mind that you’re in while being captured by these rotatory thoughts in your head.

When different parts of your personality can’t agree with each other, parts that sometimes even follow oppositional directions, then we often feel this pressure. This depressive kind of mood. Resignation.

This is definitely a big problem because mental workers are often prisoners of rotatory thoughts. Clarity, that is to say a very clear and calm state of mind, is exactly the same for them as the feeling of as well-rested body for a craftsman after a long and hard working day.

So I really strived for this … let’s call it mental redemption. Having a solution for this problem always looked like a tremendous productivity factor to me, because this bad state of mind really takes a lot of personal energy and time.

I can’t deny that these moments of depressive mood and frustration have had a very bad impact also on my private life. The big problem is that after starting to get into this bad state of mind, you can’t really know when it will end. And sometimes it simply lasts too long. Maybe so long that even your family begins to say things like: “Hey dad, please do us a favor and just stay at work when you’re in a mood like this.”

So someday I decided to find a solution for this problem. And fortunately I found a little trick that is so easy that I just couldn’t believe that it really works. But after a few times of successful application I had to change my opinion completely. I think I don’t exaggerate when I say that this little trick already saved my life. Especially my personal, private life. One of the absolutely great things about this trick is that it helps you to clear your mind just within a few seconds.

So here is how it works:

The next time when you recognize that this bad mood comes up within your mind and you realize that your thoughts begin to move in circles through your head, then instantly take a break.

People can, you know, listen to their inner voice. Thinking means talking to yourself in an inner dialogue.

So all you’ve got to do is listen to your inner voice and hear how it says thousands of different things to you simultaneously. Sit down or go somewhere where you can’t be disturbed and become aware of those distracting thoughts that come up again and again like you’re in some kind of a repitition loop. You must become aware of the mental cage that you’re actually in. And then do it. Use your inner voice and cry out as loudly as you can : “STOP!” Within your mind of course :-)

When it doesn’t work the first time, just repeat it for a second and perhaps a third time. Cry out as loudly as you can: “STOP!”

This technique will help you to interrupt your current mental patterns. After that, when it starts to become quite in your head, look out for an object in the place where you are.

It really doesn’t matter what kind of object. A glass, knife, chair, coffe cup or whatever…

When you are looking concentrated at this object, try to find as many characteristics of this object as you can. Characteristics may be the color or the form, the length, width, some shadows you see or just something that is reflected by this object.

This may be a little difficult at the beginning because we all have a strong belief that all the usual things of our everday life are simple constructs and therefore can be described by a few characteristics. Far from it! But I can tell you that it’s getting very easy after some trials.

Look at your object and try to find at least 30 different characteristics. Yes, you’ve heard right! 30. Not less. Believe me 30 aren’t so much. After some practice you will be able to find more than 30 very easily.

While you’re doing that, enjoy the silence in your head and have a look at what happens to the relationship between you and this object.

Go downstate and let go every thought and inner dialogue.

You will be surprised! Maybe you’ll recognize something like pleasure and peace.

Pleasure arises because the object is much more for you than you ever thought before. It’s not just the banal everyday life object. No. It’s an absolutely wonderful and unique part of the world you’re living in. A part with so many wonderful aspects and facets you couldn’t even imagine one day before!

Enjoy that and be happy with it.

Then after a few seconds or minutes come back, get upstate and look at what the clock is or what the weather looks like outside.

Take a deep breath and recognize how you’re mind feels calm and clear. Enjoy this wonderful feeling!

Perhaps you just allow yourself to smile for a little moment and then continue whatever you were doing before.

That’s it.

Isn’t it nice to know that you now have such a powerful tool to clear your mind within just a few seconds when you need it the most? And the best thing is, you don’t even have to recall this consciously. In the days and weeks ahead you’ll find all the insights of this article integrating in your daily grind automatically because you’re aware of them now.

I’m wondering if you already feel the difference ;-) ?

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