Master Of Effective Communication (2)

Master Of Effective Communication (2)

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Communication is complex...

Let’s have a more detailed look into the different aspects of communication:

The Object Aspect Of Communication

The object aspect tells us something about which specific information our counterpart wants to give us. This aspect exclusively deals with the subject itself.

The Relationship Aspect Of Communication

This aspect reveals something about the relationship between sender and receiver. So it’s always about HOW the sender sees the receiver. Therefore he often uses YOU or WE messages. These messages are based upon the specific relationship between the communication partners and the oppinion the sender has about the receiver.

Appeal Aspect Of Communication

Here the sender wants the receiver to do something. It’s an implicit or explicit appeal to take action. In my oppinion this is the most important aspect of communication at all because we all want other persons to do something for us. That’s the reason why we talk to them, isn’t it? :-)

Self-Revelation Aspect

Oh great. That’s exciting! This is the point where our counterpart tells us something about himself. This may be just a little hint or even a deep abyss. Okay, I think we should illustrate these points with the help of a practical example.

Imagine your wife (or your husband) crying out the following sentence:

“Darling, when EXACTLY do you want to get the garbage out?” I know it’s quite hard to imagine but perhaps you’ve heard something like that before !? :-)

Now, which messages does she want to send ?

Object Aspect

She wants to know when you want to get the garbage out. Perhaps she’s interested in an exact date and time.

Relationship Aspect

She suggests that it’s definitely YOUR task to get the garbage out. Perhaps it’s part of your personal division of the different tasks in your household.

Appeal Aspect

“Get the garbage out!” :-)

Self-Revelation Aspect

She doesn’t like garbage in the house. Perhaps she’s very disciplined in executing her own tasks in the household. Perhaps she’s just a very hygienic human being.

I assume this example has brought quite a few new insights to you. When I started to deal with the analysis of different communication patterns I had quite a few aha-experiences like:“Exactly! This is exactly what I intuitively feel when I talk to another person! Now I’m finally able to express this feeling in my own words!”

This is called meta-communication . That means the ability to communicate about communication. This is one of the essential and outstanding abilites of effective communicators.

I know these insights will be a great benefit for you as long as you start to implement them into your daily business. Try to listen carefully to others and to differentiate which aspect is actually emphasized during a conversation. With a bit of practice this exercise will help you to become an effective communicator.

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