How To Change Your Mood Instantly

How To Change Your Mood Instantly

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There's so much to do today...

What do you think when you look at the image on the left? :-)

What are your first impressions? What are your feelings? Good or bad?

I suppose you want to know why I ask this question, don’t you?

Okay. Let me explain what I thought when I recently walked through my garden. Oh, by the way. It’s my terrace on the photo. Nice isn’t it :-) ?

So I got up early in the morning and had myself a well-tasting cup of coffee. While I was sitting in my kitchen, drinking my coffee I decided to have a little walk through my garden. The weather was really great you know….

When I stepped outside onto my terrace I looked at exactly the same image as you can see at the beginning of this article.

As far as I can remember my thoughts were something like :”Oh man! I must clear up my terrace urgently. There’s also some weed to eliminate. Who forgot to put the barrow into the barn?
The pool is dirty..I must start the pump in order to filter the water… Damn! I thought I brought the two seat pads into the house. Now they’re definitely wet from the last rain….Why is the ladder still standing there on the terrace? Puhhh… there’s a lot to do today…”

Okay, so far so good. I guess it’s not so unusual to have thoughts like that in such a situation or what do you think?

Do you know similar situations when you’re instantly focused on things that don’t work. Things that have to be done. Or let’s say things that … that make you feel bad somehow.

I can tell you, my coffee didn’t taste anymore…

Suddenly something strange happened. My wife came into the garden, whistling and singing. But that’s not the strange thing. The strange thing is that she said the following sentence :” Hi darling, don’t we have a wonderful garden? I love to be here early in the morning, looking at our big lake, enjoying the great weather. It’s wonderful! Let’s quickly clear up the terrace so that we can have breakfast outside today.”

That sentence confused me somehow. It was like a voice deep within me said :”Hey guy, what am I doing wrong?”

It was really odd that two persons are walking at the same time through the same garden, one of them whistling and singing, the other one wondering how to get through the day…

That is to say, my wife had an absolutely great mood that morning while I was having quite a bad one.

So what made the difference?

The focus is the difference. That’s it. Just the focus of our attention. Focus is a choice.
Okay, now you could say that this is not possible. There can’t be no choice because there’s just one truth. Either the garden must be cleared up or not. Either there is something wrong or not.

This kind of thinking is nothing more than an illusion. Why? Because there is no “real” truth, no “real” reality which is realer than another one. There are just sensory information which are interpreted by you personally. And this interpretation is the key process. You shouldn’t ask which point of view is true. No, you should rather ask which point of view is more useful for you. And then it’s a great think to concetrate on all the things that support this point of view. Be careful with your thoughts which lead to interpretations which lead to emotions which lead to actions.

Be clear at the beginning and the rest happens nearly automatically and quite easily.

My wife focused on all the great aspects of our garden. This focus affected her great feelings and all the upcoming work seemed quite easy to her.

I focused on the work and all the things that have to be done in order to clear up my terrace. The consequence? My day was definitely over…

It was just the focus that had this real huge impact on our personal, subjective reality.

And now tell me…. who had the more useful, the more helpful and in the end the more constructive perspective? Me or my wife?

Be careful to make the right choice each single morning.











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